Having bought my first bus from Marty I could not have asked for a better situation all the way around! Not only was I pleased with the bus but Marty as well. Even after he sold me the bus he was always available to answer questions for me and even help me find the parts that no one else could find. I had the privilege of working with Marty again when he helped me sell my bus and again it proved to be a pain-free quest! I would recommend Marty to anybody that is looking to buy or sell a bus. I have found Marty to not just be a good “BUSMAN” but also a good friend as well even after all of these years.

Private Coach owner Charlotte, NC

In my line of work I meet new people every week to evaluate the merits of doing business with them. Occasionally, I meet someone who doesn't simply say what they think I want to hear or benefits them. Marty is one of those rare individuals. His advice, sincerity, and genuine concern in helping me make a decision on the "right" bus were decisive factors for me in choosing to buy from him; these are also the same reasons I continue to call him long after the sale was made. It's nice to have a good bus... it's great to have good advice from a sincere professional!

Private Coach owner Muscle Shoals, AL.

I have known Marty Rhyne for ten years and have bought three buses from him. I have been tremendously pleased with the quality of buses I have received from Marty and with his extraordinary honesty, integrity, and sincerity. It is my deep belief that Marty will be the finest businessman you’ll ever deal with. Before, during, and after the sale, Marty will either be by your side or only a phone call away. Marty has great concern for his clients and has the ability to find the right bus for you. All business men would do well to emulate Marty Rhyne’s manner of doing business. For Marty, each bus sold is not just a business deal but a relationship.

Gospel Singing Group Columbus, Ga.

Our school needed a large bus for our athletic teams, but no one had experience in purchasing or maintaining a large bus. Marty was so courteous and helpful in our decision to purchase, but he has shown true class and professionalism in his effort to help after the purchase. He has gone above and beyond to answer questions, and help, in any situation concerning our bus. If you want someone that is really trustworthy, Marty is the 'BUSMAN' you should contact

Christian School Winston Salem, N.C.

When we first spoke with Marty about the bus we eventually purchased from him, I didn't believe he could stand behind what he was telling us. We soon learned that he meant every word and more! He wasn't kidding when he said, “When you buy a bus from The Bus Man, you don't just get a bus, you get me with it.” He proved it three years later when we called him from South Carolina for help with a mechanical problem. Thanks to Marty and his extensive network of bus resources, we were back on the road in a few hours to resume our vacation.

You won't find a person more reputable, honest, and genuine than Marty. If you are considering buying or selling a bus, do it with The Bus Man. You won't be sorry.

Motor home buyer, Thousand Oaks Ca

I was looking for a bus for my band here in California and looked at thebusman's web site and liked what I saw. After talking with Marty and telling him what I needed he actually told me of a bus that was NOT on his web site! He told me of a bus that was here in California and that the bus was a good one. He made sure that everything went okay with the seller and has been there to answer questions for me. This is my first bus so naturally I was very nervous and Marty helped me through. I have never met Marty (thebusman) but I feel like I do know him. I would tell anyone that is looking for a bus no matter where you live let THEBUSMAN find it for you! I hope to meet him someday.

Anaheim Ca.

I just wanted to thank you for your help. To date you were the best choice we ever made when it comes to buying and equipping our bus.
We had been looking for a conversion bus or one we could convert for several months. We had tried several dealers and individuals from coast to coast! YOU knew your line, held back nothing, did not pressure us and are still available for a resource. Every thing you said was honest and your online videos sold us on using you. You showed everything good or bad and gave us the true insight into converting how hard or easy it would be. Your expertise in busses is unquestioned at least in our minds.We are so thankful we discovered you and your company

Private Coach Owner, Virginia