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The Busman

Marty Rhyne, a North Carolina native, has been involved in the buying and selling of buses for over 30 years. “I remember when my dad bought the first bus when I was only 10 years old. It was a 1948 GM PD-3751 Model. Even though the bus was ugly, I fell in love with it,” and he knew he was hooked, Marty recalls. Since that time a lot has changed, especially for buses. Having had the opportunity to lease entertainer coaches as well as traveling on the same, Marty has become aware of the needs of not only the passenger but the bus owner as well.

Using this knowledge, he has been able to build a strong client base with not only buyers but also with clients who want to sell. These clients range from the private sector to commercial companies providing transportation to the public. Specializing in the “Greyhound/Trailways” type of buses only has allowed Marty to focus on this particular market of the industry.

Whether you are a Charter or Tour Company, Church, University or School, Private Institution, Singing Group or an Individual looking for a conversion, he can help you find the bus that you are looking for or needing to sell.

Marty looks forward to adding you to his long list of satisfied clients.


“In my line of work I meet new people every week to evaluate the merits of doing business with them. Occasionally, I meet someone who doesn’t simply say what they think I want to hear or benefits them. Marty is one of those rare individuals. His advice, sincerity, and genuine concern in helping me make a decision on the “right” bus were decisive factors for me in choosing to buy from him; these are also the same reasons I continue to call him long after the sale was made. It’s nice to have a good bus… it’s great to have good advice from a sincere professional!”


Private Coach owner Muscle Shoals, AL.